A New Orleans based company founded in 1992, Amy Clipp Consulting has been at the forefront of progressive environmental policy in the Gulf region for over 20 years. By building structure and transparency into policy making, we keep projects on point and on time. Our cleanly written documents account for complexity while making messages accessible. The result? Ideas and partnerships that help our clients build more vibrant communities.

Decision Support

We devise step by step processes for making science based decisions, helping policy makers share information with those who will be affected by new programs and plans. These processes employ a big tent, stand up to public scrutiny, and respect internal deadlines. Read More

Science Communication

Good science writing is both precise and easy to understand. To achieve this clarity, we work closely with clients, honing text until we get it right. Text and graphics are created in close coordination to ensure that finished documents are informative and a pleasure to read. Read More

Strategic Outreach

We design strategic outreach programs that create ongoing value for resources spent. Whether we use focus groups, public forums, targeted advisory groups, or all three, these programs pay for themselves in information gained and popular support created. Read More