Amy Clipp Chenier Plain

Preparing a book proposal at the invitation of Yale University Press. Working with a senior scientist to convert his vision of ecosystem-based climate change adaptation into a call to action for a wide audience.

Working with a diverse team to distill their innovative conflict resolution process into an accessible, modular toolkit. The document will be shared with partners world-wide.

Advising experts one on one about how to hone their messages. Clients include scientists, health care professionals, and other business owners.
Told the story of Burkina-Faso residents who are building innovative peacebuilding networks. Content is being integrated into a multi media website for the U.S. Institute of Peace in D.C.

Designed material for ecosystem design course oriented around systems thinking. Worked with client to organize ideas, images, and interactive lessons.

Served as a mentor to a National Academy of Sciences funding process aimed at the Gulf of Mexico. Helped applicants forge alliances across disciplines, honing ideas that link researchers with people implementing programs on the ground.

2018. Helped staff at the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana refine the contents of a report about the Louisiana shrimping industry. Worked one on one with staff to hone messages, edited report content.
2015-Present. Advising the U.S. Institute of Peace as it shares ideas with colleagues worldwide. Coach staff on organization, writing, and content of book and toolkit on systems thinking and peacebuilding. Wrote text for multi-media website focused on peacebuilding in Burkina-Faso. In-depth editing of article titled, “Systems Thinking for Peacebuilding and Rule of Law: Supporting Complex Reforms in Conflict-Affected Environments.”
2017-2018. Helped ecologist distill career lessons into lecture notes and a book outline. Content focus on ecosystem design and systems thinking.
2014-2018. Work with Louisiana Sea Grant to design to the LaDIA Program, which includes a focus on helping scientists connect with coastal residents. Helped Sea Grant conduct a pilot project, a multi-year fellowship program, and a research communication competition series at various Louisiana universities.
2017. Edited report developed jointly by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s C-TEC Division and Facebook.
2016-2017. Wrote the 2017 Louisiana Coastal Master Plan, Appendix B. Document was the primary public translation of Louisiana's coastal science and policy.
2015. Conducted an analysis for a New York City based foundation, evaluating the effectiveness of giving for targeted non-profits. Delivered a written report that identified challenges and recommended next steps.
2014-2015. Wrote and coordinated design of “Achieving Resilience in Coastal Communities” for the Louisiana Wildlife Federation. This collection of resources offers reports, policy guidance, and other tools.
2013. Wrote “Integrating Social Science into Gulf Coast Restoration” for Oxfam and the Nature Conservancy. This white paper condensed the findings of a 60 member science and policy team.
2013. Worked with team of post-docs to create a web based climate change adaptation best practice manual. Sponsored by the Louisiana Coastal Sustainability Studio.
2012. Wrote and coordinated design of “Mississippi River Delta Science and Engineering Special Team Report: Answering Ten Fundamental Questions About the Mississippi River Delta” for Restore the Mississippi River Delta. The report was delivered to Congress, journalists, and coastal residents.
2012. Developed website materials and planning documents for the Water Institute of the Gulf.
2011-2012. Wrote Louisiana’s 2012 Coastal Master Plan, distilling information from a large technical team into coherent messages and prose. Worked closely with designers to integrate text and graphics.
2011-2012. Mediator and outreach advisor for Louisiana’s 2012 Coastal Master plan. Guided the state’s use of multi-stakeholder decision making, structuring step-wise agendas for a Framework Development Team that met monthly for two years. Extended this work into outreach strategies and messages.


2010. Began work on Louisiana’s second master plan for the coast. Worked with team of 100+ scientists and policy makers. Condensed research findings and guided strategy on sharing this information with the public.
2008-2009. Created a strategic plan for the Tulane Institute for Water Resources, Law, and Policy.
2006-2007. Wrote Louisiana’s first Coastal Master Plan. The award-winning document explained how the state would restore wetlands and protect people from flooding.
2004-2006, 2009. Wrote annual document entitled, “Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Plan” for Louisiana’s Coastal Wetlands Planning Authority.
2003. Wrote “The Case for CWPPRA: A Report to Congress” for the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources.
2003. Wrote “Louisiana Gulf Shoreline Restoration Science Report” for the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources.
2002-2007, 2010. Wrote documents entitled,”Saving America’s Wetland: Annual Report on Progress Made and Future Challenges” for the Louisiana Governor’s Advisory Committee on Coastal Protection, Restoration, and Conservation.
2000-2009. Edited research deliverables for the Louisiana Applied Oil Spill Research and Development Program.
2000. Wrote “Using Science to Solve Real Problems” for the Louisiana Applied Oil Spill Research and Development Program.


1994-2004. Wrote successful grants for brownfields programs throughout the New Orleans area. Implemented the programs in coordination with EPA and local governments.
1998-2000. Explored ways to support small businesses with a sustainable bent. Project was sponsored by the Ford Foundation.
1994-2009. Edited research deliverables for the Louisiana Oil Spill Research and Development Program.
1999. Wrote “No Time to Lose” for the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana.
1997. Wrote “Course Correction: Designing a Sustainable Vision for the Mississippi River Corridor” for the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana.
1996. Wrote “Coastal Louisiana: The Unified Vision” for the Louisiana Governor’s Office of Coastal Activities and the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources.
1995. Wrote “Saving Our Good Earth: A Call to Action” for the Barataria Terrebonne National Estuary Program.
1995. Wrote “CoastWatchers Guide” for the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana.
1995. Wrote “Citizens’ Guide to the Louisiana Wetlands” for the Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund.
1994-1996. Served as Deputy Director of Environmental Affairs to the City of New Orleans.
1994-present. Consultant on funding and communications strategy to the Alliance for Affordable Energy.
1994. Wrote “Making the Case for Justice: How Toxic Tort Litigation Affects Families” for the Environmental Action Network.
1992, 1994. Wrote the “Louisiana Legislative Briefing Book” for the Louisiana Environmental Action Network.

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